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Christmas gift ideas for men

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Published: 12 Dec 2012      

It's that time of year once again, when men all across the UKare biting their nails wondering what they're going to get for Christmas from their wives or girlfriends. A tie? New socks? Dreaded Jumper? A box of hankies? Only she knows and she’s not about to tell you. 

This year, make sure your partner gives you a gift that you can actually use, and let her know that just because you're a man, doesn't mean that you're going to jump up and down at the sight of a new cordless drill.

There is no such thing as the "perfect" gift. Every man is different, with unique tastes and preferences. A golfer might prefer a new set of clubs, a working professional might appreciate a new stylish wallet, while an outdoors type, might rejoice at a three day getaway. The important thing is that your ladies’ gift demonstrates that she actually put some thought into it, according to your hobbies and interests.

Here are some gift ideas you hope she is considering. Now if only you can find a way to discreetly slip her this list. How about a letter to Santa or why not hit the like or share button and get her to do one too, as boys sexy undies are not every girl’s cup of tea and neither is a new iron!


A leather wallet

This is an ideal gift to receive if you've just started a relationship.  Every man hates a wallet that won't stay closed or that's too bulky in a back pocket. The ideal wallet is of a quality leather that ages beautifully.



The bathrobe is a great gift idea for those of you who love to walk around the house and relax on a Sunday morning.


DVD Collection

For the men who enjoy watching movies that teach good family values, from the comfort of their own home. Entire seasons of Game of Thrones, The Wire, The Sopranos or Boardwalk Empire would all make a man like this happy.



Smelling good is a good idea no matter what stage of the relationship you're in. Aftershave is just as appreciated on the first Christmas together as it is on the fiftieth. The gift of a great scent is a good sign that she wants to turn you into an irresistible man and rip off your clothes because she can't resist inhaling your sexual scent. That, or you just smell bad.


Espresso Machine

We wouldn't expect this from new partners,  typically this kind of outlay will be made if the two of you are living together, so at least she'll be able to enjoy the fruits of the gift too. But for those of you who think this isn't worth it, you're wrong. Freshly made espresso at home is one of life's true pleasures, one you will never do without again now that you have machines of your own.


A phone upgrade

This is for any man who's had his phone just a little too long. Maybe you've stopped caring about the constant parade of new versions of your phone, but trust us, shiny new gadgets never disappoint.


A great iPod dock

Playing music off your computer is fine at home, but what happens when you rent a cottage for a long romantic weekend and you want to bring some tunes along? A small but powerful set of iPod speakers are essential for a man who loves music but also loves to travel.


A fine single malt

Only a true lover of whisky will appreciate this, but if that's what you are, this is a dream gift. If you’ve really been a good boy this year, you may get lucky. She could buy you a high-quality glass to sip this out of.


Sports / Concert Tickets

For any man who's single, divorced, dating, young or old, enjoys sports, and loves to watch his favourite team live. Or, if you're not the sporting type, maybe she can excite you with concert tickets to your favourite band.


Best gift of all

Don’t forget to add this one to the list, it’s the best gift any man could have. A HUG and a KISS. Put that one on the list and you’re more likely to get one of the others.


Good luck with your Christmas list to Mrs Santa, we hope you get what you’ve always wanted.