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Steal Her Beauty Products

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Published: 4 Jun 2013      

The top ten items every man should steal from his partner's medicine cabinet if he dares. When you look in the bathroom, on her dresser, hidden in every drawer, all you find is skin care products. Well, what's the deal with all of this?

beauty_products.jpgYour partner's beauty products may seem a bit excessive to you, but next time you open the medicine cabinet, take a peek at some of what she's using.

Although the packaging will be on the fancier side, male and female products are made with pretty much the same ingredients and treat the same conditions. Plus, there's much more to pick from than the one or two items in the men's aisle of your local chemist. Try these top ten beauty products that even your handsome face can benefit from.

1. Face Cleansers

Ditch the bar of soap. Hygiene has come a long way and most face cleansers do double duty, wash your face and treat it too. If you've been putting in extra hours at the gym, chances are you're sweating a lot more (which means clogged pores and a build-up of more oil). If you don't usually venture into the beauty department at the local department store, any local chemist or supermarket will have something similar. Just look for one with salicylic acid in the ingredients.

2. On the Go

Just because you don't wear any makeup (or maybe you do, we don't judge) doesn't mean you can't use cleansing wipes. They wipe away any impurities from your face. They're great for on-the-go, so stash them in your gym bag. After your workout and before you meet the lads for a drink, give your face a swipe. These wipes are super-soft, highly effective at scrubbing away dirt and sweat, and they don't leave a sticky residue behind.

3. Nails

I'm not recommending a pretty shade of pink polish for your nails, but you should give yourself an abbreviated manicure. Try an almond milk bath for softer looking cuticles and cleaner hands. In a plugged up sink or even a bowl, mix just a bit of it with warm water and soak your hands for a few minutes. The almond jojoba oil and vitamin E deep condition and naturally soften your cuticles.

4. Gray Hair

When stressing over money or worrying about losing your job has you seeing a few extra greys, don't be afraid to use a temporary hair colour. Trace over gray spots on your head, starting closest to the root. It doesn't clump and dyes in a short time, and in seconds greys will be gone. However, this won't do the trick for the long haul since it washes out in 8 to 10 washes.

5. Dry Skin

With summer around the corner, your skin is more likely to get dry and chapped and for eczema sufferers (or victims of other irritated-skin conditions) this time of the year is not a fun one. Some of the best beauty regimens your partner follows may be just the right thing for you. Such as rubbing on cocoa butter skin therapy oil which has vitamin E to heal dry skin and absorbs quickly. If the day-at-the-beach scent makes you weary of testing it out, don't worry, it dissipates in a few minutes. This product has a stronger antibacterial effect than moisturisers and, since most skin infections are caused by germs on your body, this is double-duty protection.

6. Cheap Facials

Your partner splurges on facials, but you'd rather spend the money on other things. Well, your skin deserves some pampering too. Although bio nose strips may be meant for your nose, they can be used on any spot on your face where you notice blackheads. After you take a shower, the steam in your bathroom will help loosen dirt and build up. Pat your face dry, moisten the spot where you're sticking one of these on, and wait in the bathroom a few minutes while you brush your teeth and fix your hair. This will actually help you extract much more than if you waited for the recommended 10 minutes in another room.

7. Lotions

There's a reason your partner has filled the shelves of your medicine cabinet with a dozen face lotions, different types fit different needs. Choosing the right one is very important. Most men skip face lotions altogether, but once you start using one, you'll be hooked. Since moisturisers are lighter than creams, they should be put on in the morning after you shave or wash your face. Whenever the sun is out you need a sunscreen to protect your skin from damage and wrinkles (yes, guys do get those too). You can grab a jar of a men’s moisture balm to get the same effect.

8. Eyes

The layer of skin under your eyes is thinner than other areas of your face. Lines, wrinkles, sagging skin, dark circles, and puffiness can make you look tired and much older than you really are. Choosing an eye cream depends on the corrective treatment you want and the texture you like. Pat on lightly and smooth out; you don't want to press the skin under your eyes too hard and break a capillary (which causes faint purple lines on your skin).

9.  Overnight

Try a cream at night. These are heavier than moisturisers. The cream penetrates the skin best overnight while you're sleeping because this is when skin is most receptive to repairing any damage you may have. If you wear a heavier cream during the day it's more likely to clog your pores when you sweat and you'll be more prone to breakouts.

10. Skin Serums

In between all those creams and moisturisers, your partner may be applying a serum to her face like. A moisturiser helps with the superficial layers of the skin by retaining moisture on the surface, preventing it from evaporating. Applying a layer of serum before the moisturizer will help the lotion penetrate deeper and work even better. Put a droplet onto your hand and apply evenly on your face and neck. This will also protect skin cells from damage caused by free-radicals in the environment (toxins, smoke, UV rays, etc).

Good luck and don't let her catch you.