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Skin Care Tips For The 40 Something Man

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Published: 22 Apr 2013      

They say that for men, life begins at the age of 40 years. Men in their forties should make sure that their skin is also well taken care of. For some men, vanity is an effeminate concept. That idea is now starting to fade. With the increasing number of men with severe skin problems, it follows that men should also take care of their skin, like what women do with theirs.

As the man reaches his forties, there are many aging indications that start to show up. For one, the hairline would start to recede, an indication that baldness is almost imminent. The skin texture also changes. This might be due to the fact that the aging skin is starting to loosen up. Aside from the receding hairline and deteriorating skin texture, men in their forties have so much to take care about. That is why, often, these men just ignore the problems pertaining to skincare.

The 40-something man should also always bear in mind that no matter how busy he could be, caring for the skin should still be prioritized. If not, the onset of aging might be worse and speedier. Here are some practical, yet useful tips that would help you, the 40-something man, take care of your skin.

Use effective and appropriate shaving products. Facial hair is a very significant part of the face. But usually, they are annoying and are shaved. Shaving is one activity that almost leads to skin problems. One, the skin might be wounded during the process; two, the pores in the skin might get bigger and trap more dirt because of shaving; and three, sensitivity of the skin might be compromised due to shaving especially when the shaving products and gadgets used are defective.

Wear sunscreen before going outdoors. Whether you are going to a golf resort or simply going to the office, it would be helpful if you would wear protection for the skin. Aside from slowing down the skin aging process, wearing sunscreen also helps prevent the onset of skin cancer.

Yes, you are busy at work. Your family must also be demanding enough time with you. In other words, you are inevitably living a stressful life. Since you could not avoid it, just learn to cope and manage it. Be stress-free even if you are pressured by many factors. Stress has been identified as the culprit of many skin problems.

Eat well. Drink plenty of water and fruit juices.

Sleep more than eight hours a day.

Exercise regularly by walking, jogging or working out in a gym.

To simplify the equation, living a clean and healthy lifestyle would surely be effective in making the skin healthier, clearer and more glowing as time goes by.

To open your pores, improve blood circulation and remove dead cells, try steaming your face at least once every week.  

If there are imminent skin problems, the 40-something man should not hesitate to seek advise and set an appointment with a dermatologist.

One interesting fact about men and skincare nowadays: the number of men regularly visiting the dermatologist is constantly and rapidly rising, a clear indication that more men are now acknowledging the fact that they, too, need to take care of their skin.