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Published: 6 Dec 2012      

We think feet are incredible pieces of engineering! Along with a complicated system of muscles, tendons and ligaments, your feet are made up of 52 separate bones. Encompassing them is specially adapted skin that, on the soles, has evolved to be thicker than anywhere else on the body.

Unfortunately, we often only notice our feet when something goes wrong, a situation a significant number of the adult population have found themselves in at one time or another. On average, we take several thousand steps every day. Over the course of a year, this adds up to a thousand mile walk. Surely this alone means your feet deserve a bit of special treatment?

There are all sorts of simple treats to help keep your feet, ankles and toes in good condition. One of which is relaxing them in a foot spa, The Topping Forty Team had fun trying out these.


meddisana_comfort.jpgMedisana Comfort Foot spa with infrared technology

Price: From £70

Medisana Comfort Foot spa with Infrared Technology is a heated, hydro massage which soothes aching feet after a hard day. The Medisana Comfort Foot spa with Infa red Technology has Infa red heating, Foot Reflexology and Aromatherapy functions. The Medisana Comfort Foot spa with Infa red Technology has relaxing soothing heat and massage settings for relief of tired aching muscles, particular foot discomfort, sports strains, hard skin and bunions and cold feet from poor circulation.

3 programme settings plus added INFRARED therapy
IR radiation with vibration
spray-bath/heat/water jets; vibration massage/heat & spray
mains powered
water is maintained at constant 35°c
4 massage types, bubble/jet/dry/wet
two interchangeable roller sets
fully washable inside and out ,use soapy sponge


cosmopol_heaven.jpgCosmopolitan Total Heaven Foot Spa

Price: From £44.99

Indulge yourself with the perfect break after a long day. The Cosmopolitan Foot Heaven Spa has 4 pressure massage rollers and 4 spa settings for relieving tired and aching feet.

4 spa settings - warm, massager, air bubbles, infra-red.

Nail dryer.

Splash guard.

Supplied with a separate pedicure set with 4 attachments.

4 attachments/heads.

Variable intensity vibration massage.

4 speed settings.

4 massage programs.

Spa settings include massage only, heat only.


Myspa_pebbles.jpgMySpa by HoMedics Aroma Pebble Footspa

Price: From £44.99

Smooth beach pebbles combined with relaxing bubbles invigorate your feet for a completely new type of massage.

Includes skin softening frangipani aroma oil and easy toe-touch control buttons.

Integrated LEDs for an enchanting experience.

Includes instructions.

Mains Power supply.


scholl_feet.jpgScholl Feet Treat Foot spa

Price: From £29.99

Scholl Feet Treat Foot spa will make a luxurious treat after a hard day on your feet. The massager will ease all of your aches and pains with its bubbles, vibration and massage attachment.

1 attachment/head.

Variable intensity vibration massage.

1 massage programs.


myspa_homemedics.jpgMySpa by HoMedics Foot Spa

Price: From £25.99

Treat your feet to a spa of their own. The turbo bubbles in the Myspa foot spa provide an invigorating massage while soothing heat helps maintain the water temperature. With toe-touch buttons for complete control and 3 massage programs, simply pop your feet in the spa, and let them relax.

    Turbo bubbles provide an invigorating massage.

    Includes rolling ball, pumice and brush.

    3 attachments/heads.

    Variable intensity vibration massage.

    1 speed settings.

    3 massage programs.

    Massage only, heat and massage, heat and bubbles.