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Gifts for the ladies this Christmas

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Published: 12 Dec 2012      

Ok ladies, yes its that time of year again where you receive the sexy undies which are two sizes too small, or an  iron as you said one evening “oh, I must get a new one”. We know you really didn’t mean that it would be a great idea as a gift for Christmas.

Christmas is the perfect time of year to show that special someone just how much you care. But nothing says “I don’t know you very well” like a gift card. Let’s hope he steers clear of clichés, with the help of our Christmas gift guide. Ok, but how to get the list to him. Try doing a list to Santa or even leave this article open, better still hit the like button or share it with him. So boys, if you are reading this, whether she’s a hopeless romantic or a techie, we have her covered. She’ll appreciate these personable presents and the care you took in picking them out.

The sexy, smart and sophisticated gifts on this list are affordable (with the exception of one major splurge) and will undoubtedly be put to good use. So gentlemen, when you’re playing Santa this year, consult this guide to find the perfect gift for your lady. Ok ladies, let’s tell the gentlemen what we really want.


Hot Chocolate

Nothing’s cosier than coming in from the cold and sipping some rich hot chocolate and from her own mug. These gifts will satisfy her taste buds all winter long, and she’ll be more than happy to share the deliciousness with you, but only if you’re really good.


Desktop Calendar

Help a girl manage her hectic life with this multipurpose planner. A 12-month calendar lets her map out her personal and professional life, keeping track of important contacts. This gift is perfect for the woman who has to organise everything, yes, even you!


Chocolate Gift Box

It’s stereotypical, but so true: Women love chocolate. A chocolate gift set will allow your lady to pick and choose from her favourite chocolates like dark chocolate, milk chocolate, or filled? The choice is hers. Melt her heart with the gift of chocolates that melt in her mouth. (that does not mean you choose your favourites, so that you get to eat them gentlemen.)


One Year Subscription to her favourite magazine

Fashion, pop, culture and politics, she’ll be grateful for a year long subscription to the one magazine that brings them all together. With this gift you wont miss out all year round.


Tranquil Moments Advanced Sleep Sounds Clock

The Tranquil Moments alarm clock doesn’t just wake her up, it also puts her to sleep. A selection of 16 soothing sounds lulls her gradually into the open arms of slumber. That same type of calming, natural sound pulls her out of that slumber in the morning. It should prove a welcome change from the sudden, heart-jumping blare of other alarm clocks.


iPhone 5

Buying an iPhone as a gift won’t gain you any originality points, but she’ll be too busy fondling its perfect lines and eyeballing its four-inch screen to care. Unveiled just in time for the merry season, the latest iPhone is faster, more powerful and thinner than ever.


Solitaire Diamond Pendant

Nothing makes a woman’s heart skip a beat like that little blue  box, except maybe the shiny treat waiting inside. Word to the wise: If you’re hovering around “Will he pop the question?” territory, he may want to find a bigger box.


Party Makeup

Dior Deluxe Travel Palette, with all you need for en route makeup touch-ups, including lip gloss and mix-and-match eye shadows.


Molton Brown shower gels

Brighten up a mundane bathing routine with a mixer of five aromatic shower gels and a coconut body lotion from the iconic Brit brand Molton Brown.


The best gift this Christmas

Ok gentlemen, if you are reading this, the best gift you can give her this Christmas is you. Your time and help not just at Christmas but throughout the year. So that when she fills out that planner you got her, she can put in time with my man, instead of collect the dry cleaning.


We hope that you get the gifts that make you truly happy this holiday and sorry girls, if he does by you an iron, we did try.