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The 10 lingerie laws

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Published: 17 Jan 2013      

It is easy to see where some women go wrong when buying underwear. Buying underwear is fraught with difficulties. If you wander around the lingerie section of any major store, you will be confronted by a vast array. From sexy undies to practical everyday wear, we have a vast choice.

To help you we have put together the ten lingerie laws, some are common sense and others your mother underwear_laws_internel.jpgwould have told you.


1. Wear nude underwear under white

It is a common mistake to think white looks better under white is best, but natural gives you a completely invisible look.

2. Measure up

Make sure you have your bust measured once a year, as women constantly change shape.

3. Set and match

Always wear a matching set of underwear, as you never know when you might get run over.

4. Banish VPL

VPL is a major faux par. Never wear a knocker that is so tight that it digs in.

5. Clear bra straps are a big ‘NO’

Buy your bra along with your outfit, use bandeau for strapless tops and low cut for plunging necklines.

6. Don’t underestimate

See lingerie as not only a practical, but an accessory to your wardrobe.

7. Work your silhouette

When trying on shapewear, sit down, it’s a great test to be sure you can still breath in it.

8. Experiment

Don’t be afraid to try bold colours, clashing materials and prints.

9. Dress to suit your mood

Be feminine in froufrou, or try graphic shapes for an edgier vibe.

10. Apply TLC

Always wash lingerie by hand in cold water. Dry lace flat and if it has padded cups, mould them back into shape, so they don’t become wrinkled.

We hope these laws help you when you shop next for undies, good luck!