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Perfect Party Feet

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Published: 5 Dec 2012      

The next few weeks will no doubt bring festivities including New Year celebrations for some.

So its time to think about your feet and that festive cheer might not be so conducive for cheerful feet, especially where parties, dressy shoes and lots of walking or standing in high heels might be on the menu and perhaps a spot of dancing?

Topping Forty’s Top Tips

  • Keep high heels for special occasions.
  • Save backless high heeled shoes for evening glamour.  Backless shoes force your toes to claw as you walk, straining muscles if worn over a long period
  • Calf stretches to help keep feet supple and keep a good range of movement.  To stretch your calf and heel, stand facing a wall with feet hip width apart and slightly bent at the knee.  Take one step forwards, and using your arms to lean against the wall, keep your leg in front bent and the leg behind straight.  Both feet should be flat on the ground.  Lean in towards the wall, as you do, you should feel your muscles stretching in your calf and heel.  Hold for about 20 seconds and slowly returns to a standing position.  Do this with each leg about 5 times
  • Vary shoe types and heel heights from day to day, one day wearing low heels, and the next day slightly higher heels.  For everyday use, keep high heels to about 4cm
  • If you are in pain which persists, this is not normal and we suggest seeking professional advice. 

In the mean time we want our feet to look pretty too. Warm woollies help keep our toes warm and hidden in winter. But holiday parties will soon have us swapping slippers for strappy evening shoes. This means exposing our feet for the first time since we packed away the summer sandals.


Luckily, your feet can be as pretty as a wrapped present in three easy steps:

Step 1:


Soak feet in warm water for at least 10 minutes. One foot at a time, rub a palmful of Epsom salts or sea salts gently over the skin on your feet, paying close attention to the heels, ankles, and balls of your feet. Rinse.

Clean under and around nails with a nail brush. Massage sweet almond oil or olive oil into your cuticles. Carefully push back cuticles with an orange stick, as cutting cuticles can lead to infection. Pat feet dry.

Using straight-edge clippers, trim toenails straight across, to a length near the end of your toe. This will help prevent painful ingrown nails. Remember that regular scrubbing and exfoliation is effective in removing painful calluses and corns, even after party season has wrapped up.

Step 2:


Apply a generous amount of sweet almond oil, coconut oil, or avocado oil to your feet, and be sure to treat the area between the toes.

Take time to gently stretch and massage each of your toes, as well as the heels and tops of your feet. Slide on a cozy pair of cotton socks before heading to bed. You’ll have baby-soft feet by morning.

Step 3:


First, file your nails in one direction to eliminate snags that can ruin your stockings. Next, apply a clear base coat to make your polish last longer.

Wait about 15 minutes before applying colour and remember that parties are a great excuse to go bold with hot pink or red. When colour is dry, follow with a protective clear top coat.

With such lovely feet, you won’t want to hide them in your boots! 


Have nontoxic polish remover and a cotton swab handy to quickly remove polish that wanders onto your skin.