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Tips for Christmas Travel

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Published: 5 Dec 2012      

Christmas is a hectic time of year, we’ve all been busy buying presents, sending cards chasing end of year business objectives, filing tax returns. Some people will look forward to a long rest at home, entertaining family or for the luckier ones, being entertained!

However for someone there could be a lot of work to do, cooking the Christmas dinner!

For many it’s an opportunity to get away, perhaps a hotel in Britain or somewhere further afield, perhaps the chance to visit relatives in Australia or New Zealand?

Christmas holidays are always most expensive, so many chasing a limited number of flight seats and beds and if staff are to work over Christmas, cooking and cleaning for you, instead of spending it with their own families and being spoilt, they want to paid appropriately.

First of my tips for Christmas travel is, book as early as you can. The earlier that you book, the lower your price is likely to be. Forget late discounts for Christmas time, unless you really are prepared to take anything, which may mean a coach tour to Germany. Supply and demand will see air fares increase in cost as the aircraft fill.

Having survived all of the above stress, you may be about to drive to an airport looking forward to that well deserved Christmas holiday. The flight will need at least two to three hours check in and you’ve go to get to the airport and get parked and get to your terminal.

Before leaving home, you need to get packed, don’t leave it to the last minute, you’ll only add to the stress.

  • Remember to put liquids into hold baggage or keep them at hand to put into a clear bag for security. 
  • Put your passports, credit cards and cash somewhere that you cannot leave the house without! 
  • Have you checked which terminal are you travelling from? 
  • Have you pre-booked your car parking? Apart from saving money by booking in advance, you’ll also know where you’re driving to.
  • Make sure that you leave extra time to get to the airport. 
  • If it’s frosty make sure that you leave enough time to defrost the car, if there is snow and ice, make sure the roads are open and clear. 
  • Ensure that you have plenty of fuel, you may find it difficult to buy any.
  • Expect the airport to be heaving, make sure you have left enough time to check in. 

If you’re travelling as a couple, you may also want to sit comfortably in the lounge instead of the main concourse, here you can have complementary tea, coffee, snacks and drinks. It will be comfortable and quiet, we may be able to help you book this.

All the above sounds so very obvious, however every year a lot of people miss their flights, cars breaking down, can’t get to the airport, road works causing delays, forgetting passports and having to drive back home for them, parking problems, the list is endless, but the result is the same. Stress levels are going to be back to maximum level.

Will you get another flight when all flights are full, only if someone else doesn’t turn up!

You’ve paid a lot of money for your holiday, are you going to lose your money as well as your holiday? Or did you take appropriate insurance? If you have insurance with your credit card, make sure that you know what cover you are getting. So many customers are horrified to find that their credit card only provides them with very basic cover.