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Top 5 Ereaders For 2012

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Published: 6 Dec 2012      

We all love to read a book and generally we love to read a nice paperback, smelling the pages as we read. But sometimes we just don’t have the space to carry the book in our luggage. That’s when an ereader comes in handy.

The Topping Forty team took a look at the ereaders on the market to see how they compared.

sonyereader.jpgSony Reader PRS-T2

Price: £119

Manufacturer: Sony

Sony’s latest  ereader is the PRS-T2, this ereader follows where the T1left off, it has the same design with faster performance and more functions. The PRS-T2 looks  like the T1, but the main difference is that the buttons on the front of the device are much easier to find.  The Sony Reader PRS-T2 comes in the same three colours as before: black, white and red. The only difference is that the black model comes with a matte finish.

The PRS-T2 uses the 'industry standard' 6in Pearl E Ink display with a 600x800 resolution.  At 164 grams, it's pretty about the same weight as the average ereader.  Images are not bad on the PRS-T2, but we did notice that there is a bit of text ghosting (i.e. still being able to see text from the previous page you were on, displayed beneath the current text or image), and with not being on the previous page for long. This sometimes happened if we went from a page of the book to the Home page, or from the Home page to the Sleep mode, which displays the book cover.


nook_somple_touch.jpgBarnes & Noble Nook Simple Touch GlowLight

Price: £109

Manufacturer: Barnes & Noble

The Barnes & Noble Nook Simple Touch GlowLight is an ereader with LED-lit display. Design wise, the Nook is very sturdy, measuring 127mm wide, 166mm high and 12.7mm thick. The back has a rubbery finish which aids grip when holding in one hand.  The Nook has a 6in E Ink Pearl display with 800 x 600 pixels, and is the same as other ebook readers on the market.

It has easy understandable icons and the well spaced menus make the navigation simple. Some customisable options are include like changing the font size, line spacing and margins. B&N is really pushing its social reading experience with programs such as Nook Friends and Lendme, as well as social integration of Facebook and Twitter. You can start a conversation about your latest read after you share it on Facebook.


kindle_paperwhite.jpgAmazon Kindle Paperwhite

Price: £109 - £109

Manufacturer: Amazon

It's good news for anyone who's been waiting for the latest Kindle, as you can read it in the dark. The Paperwhite replaces the Kindle Touch, and costs the same, at £109.  The Kindle Paperwhite has the same size 6in screen as the majority of previous Kindles. The resolution of the E Ink screen has increased from 600x800 to 768x1024, giving it 62 percent more pixels than before.  The main difference is, of course, the fact that the Paperwhite has a built-in light.

The Paperwhite's interface and menus are mainly unchanged from the Kindle Touch, with an extra menu item for the light. It's very easy to use, including browsing and buying from Amazon's catalogue, which also includes newspapers and magazines. When reading a book, you can place a bookmark as well as make notes, or view notes you (or someone else) wrote previously. Amazon's Whisper sync means you can pick up where you left off in any book, on any device you're signed into, that includes the Kindle smart phone and tablet apps as well as your PC or laptop, or even another Kindle.


kobo_glo.jpgKobo Glo eReader


Manufacturer: Kobo

You can choose from a selection of colours including black, blue, pink and silver. It's light at 185g, and comfortable to hold. There are 24 font sizes and ten fonts including Open Dyslexic said to be better for those with dyslexia.

The screen light is toggled by a button on the top edge of the Kobo Glo, its brightness controlled by a slider that’s called up by tapping the bottom of the reading screen. It’s an even light with no bleed, that’s comfortable to use for long reading spells. When it comes to the social features, you can send information about your current reading direct to Facebook. The Kobo Glo is a fast, simple, well-featured eReader. The Comfort Light is a definite advantage over other simpler eReaders, and works well without being too big a drain on battery life.


trekstar.jpgTrekStor Pyrus

Price: £69

Manufacturer: TrekStor

The TrekStor  comes with 4GB of internal storage and adds a microSD card slot for more expansion.  As with most of these ereaders, the TrekStor Pyrus has bland looks. At 216g it’s heavier than the plastic Kindle. This is mainly accounted for by the non-slip rubber cover.  The TrekStor Pyrus relies on a USB connection to transfer books and photos from a Windows PC or Mac to its internal flash. There’s no Wi-Fi support. Alternatively, you can load up a microSD card and have the Trekstor read files from there.

When you’re partway through a book, pressing the keyboard button brings up a search option, while the menu button takes you to bookmarks, a specific page or changes viewing options. Trekstor supports six font sizes, screen rotation from portrait to landscape and auto flip.  Slideshows of photos can be set up, the landscape viewing option comes into its own here.