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Tips On How To Wrap Gifts Like A Pro

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Published: 5 Dec 2012      

Wrapping presents is a task in itself, the team at Topping Forty dread this part of Christmas and created these tips with hope that it would make the task alot simplerfor others.

We all know that a gift beautifully wrapped is a present in itself, it takes time and is an expression of the person giving it. Knowing how to wrap gifts like a professional can require patience, skill, imagination and plenty of space with possibly a bag for your sanity at times.


Here are some main points to keep in mind when wrapping your next gift:


  • Find a large, clean, hard surface (that means the back seat of the car is out). Try using your kitchen table or a clean floor.


  • Have a clean, empty box or bag nearby to hold rolls of paper.


  • Keep a small box or plastic bin nearby with sharp scissors, tags, pens, ribbon, bows and anything else you like to use.


  • Use an tape dispenser and load it up ready.


Here's the step that'll put a subtle but professional touch on your gift:

  • Roll out your paper and place the gift on to it, this will help you measure the amount of paper you will need.
  • When you have measured the paper put your gift to one side. To help you cut a straight line fold the paper were you need to cut, then cut down the fold. This should help keep your line nice and neat.
  • Now its time to wrap, Try to keep your edges clean and if needed fold the edge over, this will give you a clean line. Also double sided sticky tape is best if you do not want the tape to show.
  • Before you add the ribbon and other embellishments, put a sharp crease on all the edges of the box. Run each edge between your thumb and the side of your forefinger.
  • Make sure that you use plenty of bows and ribbon, and consider attaching sprigs of greenery, bells, silk or real flowers or any other embellishments that seem appropriate.
  • If you’ve ever searched for small boxes for the little treats you give out at the holidays, you know that finding them isn't easy. Thankfully, you can purchase kits that contain patterns, box blanks, and everything you need to craft your own boxes. You can find them in craft shops or you can order them online.


How to Make Your Own Wrapping Paper

Wrapping Christmas gifts doesn’t have to be expensive. Brown craft paper and crêpe paper are cost effective alternatives to sometimes expensive wrapping paper. Painting, stencilling and stamping are great ways of customising your wrapping paper, but you can also try using stickers, press-on images, beads, you’re only limited to your imagination.

Newspapers and comics are often used in to wrap presents inexpensively, try using newspapers in an artful way. Simple black and white newsprint provides a great backdrop for a striking blue bow. Add a handmade tag, and your wrapping will look fantastic. A little thought can provide a wrapping extravaganza.

How to Make a Flat, Tailored Bow

Make flat, tailored bows to give your decorations a modern look. You can make flat bows with ribbon that are hard to knot or gather. Use them on packages and napkins. Because these tailored bows are already flat, they still look great if they get crushed.

Make a small loop of ribbon, and then fold layers of ribbon back and forth, lengthening each layer until you have the desired thickness. You now have the beginnings of a flat bow.

Staple the layers together in the centre and then wrap the centre with a coordinating ribbon or trim, securing the backing with tape or a small amount of hot glue.

For an designer look, insert a  flower (live or silk) in between the bow and centre ribbon, or slip an ornament, bell, or other find onto the centre ribbon before wrapping it with the flat bow.

We hope that thes tips will help you with your wrapping this year.