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A mum's journey into business fundraising

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Published: 10 Jun 2013      

Hatty Fawcett is a London mum with a young daughter She has created a website called Seek and Adore that sells unique home ware, jewellery, accessories and handmade gift ideas. Hatty is now looking for extra investment to move onto the next level.

About Seek And Adore

SeekandAdore.com brings together the work of designer makers with people looking to discover and buy seekandadore_internal.jpgunique and beautiful things. They make it easy and more personal to buy original pieces – from home wares, jewellery and fashion accessories to fresh and affordable handmade gift ideas. Our collection continually evolves.

Everything they sell is made by a real artist, each product tells a story. Meet the people behind the products, learn about their skills, be inspired by their work, share their passion. When you shop with them you buy direct from our designer makers. Dealing direct means you get great value and the lion’s share of what you pay goes to the person who made the piece. That seems right to them.

Every piece they sell has been lovingly selected and we’re full of ideas for making them part of your life. They have searched high and low so you don’t have to. All you have to do is type in our name:

Seek & Adore

As a marketing mum

Hatty Fawcett Founder of Seek and Adore, ploughed all of her life savings into her business to promote 150 British designers/creators and their products. Using her 20 years of marketing experience. With a specialist team behind her, she has built up a thriving business with a comfortable turnover and a growing reputation.

With her team

Daniel Goode, Chief Seeker, Home wares

Daniel has trained in a number of artistic fields including theatre, ceramics and art. He developed a love of studio pottery when he studied throwing, sculpture and design. He collects studio pottery and has a passion for seeking out pieces by talented but obscure makers. Daniel recognises that not everyone has the time to do this and he’s delighted to be raising the profile of artists, designer-makers and crafts people whilst also making it easier for customers to find distinctive and unusual work on Seek & Adore.

Martyn Allen, Brand keeper

With over 18 years experience in branding, design and advertising, with 9 of those leading in-house creative teams within major retail brands; there’s not much Martyn doesn’t know about using design to create the perfect customer journey. But brand strategy is only half the story and he likes nothing more than admiring a well kerned serif or a beautifully lit still life!

Paul Lansbury, Safe keeper

Paul is a Chartered Accountant and was Finance Director of Moonpig.com until December 2011. Previously he worked at GilletteUKand KPMG. He’s had lots of experience growing small businesses having been at Moonpig.com from the early days – and he also ran his own gift shop inBrighton. He can’t resist beautiful things!

Rebecca Strain, Maker Cherisher

Becky trained as a fine artist inLeeds, specialising in painting. She has exhibited throughout theUK, as well as gaining valuable gallery and retail experience. She particularly likes visiting the designer-makers, and meeting new ones, at the numerous fairs Seek & Adore attends. When in the office, she loves nothing more than sharing creative ideas with the makers on the phone and seeing  new work appear in the Just Made section on the Homepage!

The next step

Hatty  wishes to develop her offline marketing further in the form of catalogues and targeted direct marketing. But this requires extra funding and with the banks reluctant to lend to small businesses, Hatty has turned to using crowdfunding as an alternative.

Online funding

Crowdfunding is an online method of collecting together like-minded altruistic individuals with spare cash to invest in business. Companies pitch their fundraising projects to entice donations, and in return the investors are rewarded with small amounts of equity in the business. But there is a twist, as the recipient needs to gain the entire funding request by the deadline date, or all the funding will have to be returned to the donators.

What is needed

Hatty is asking for £250,000 by 16 June, and so far has managed to raise 25% (£63,000) from five investors. She expects most of the activity will be in the last week, but in the meantime it’s a waiting game and a mission to gain as much awareness and publicity of her website and its activities.

She has created a promotional video <https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?v=550275078349138> on Seek and Adore’s Facebook page to help with her campaign, which explains about Seek and Adore, all it has achieved and its future aspirations. If this was shared amongst all your friends (along with this article), hopefully it will reach a wealthy enough individual who may feel compelled to help Hatty by investing some money.

More information can also be found from her CrowdCube page <http://www.crowdcube.com/investments?sort_by=0&q=&sort_by=0&sec%5B5%5D=5&i1=0&i2=0&i3=0&i4=0> , this is the website hosting the fundraising activities.


With only 6 days to go the Team at Topping Forty wish Hatty good luck.  







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