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The sign of the Snake

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Published: 7 Feb 2013      

What you need to know about a person born under the sign of the Snake

A person born under the sign of the Snake is so very different in many ways to the other signs. Here are some of their characteristics.

Likes and dislikes

Since Snakes are born under the same Animal Sign, they often share likes and dislikes. Following are similar likes and dislikes of the Snake personality.
Colour Preference: Red
Gems and Stones: Topaz, Jasper, Bloodstone
Suitable Gifts: binoculars, Tarot cards, oils and lotions, stamp collection
Hobbies and Pastimes: Astrology, painting, touring, photography
Snakes Dislike: Being interrupted, being mislead personally or professionally, failure

Friends and enemies

Snakes have very few friends because thy are not outwardly emotional or open creatures. The friends they do make generally last a lifetime, even though peers may find it hard to relate to the Snake because he is withdrawn and secretive. Still, Snakes like social functions, in moderation, where they can gossip about the latest scandal or the newest news.  
If you stab a Snake in the back it is likely you will never be forgiven. In addition, you should prepare yourself for retaliation for the Snake always gets the last word.

Compatible Friends

Best Friends: Oxen and Roosters
Mortal Enemy: Pigs

Lovers and spouses

The snake lover

Snakes are beautiful people who exhibit quite a sexual appeal. They are sleek and seductive and if they want you, will put a spell on you that won’t let you stop thinking about them. However, Snakes are quite prejudiced when choosing a partner and don’t just choose based on physical qualities. 
The Snake needs a partner who can appreciate his quirky sense of humour and his wacky way of handling situations, so generally, although quite beautiful and tempting to approach, the Snake does all the pursuing.


Because the Snake is so choosy, he can become jealous and obsessive about his partner. They can be a bit stand-offish with their mates, choosing to push away emotions rather than confront their feelings and insecurities. Once betrayed, you can bank on not ever being trusted by the Snake again as much as you can bet he will get even.

The snake love partner

Not everyone can live and be happy with a Snake. It takes a patient soul, someone ready for the long haul who can calm his nerves and deal with his obsessions with skill. Chinese horoscopes are very specific about which partnerships have the potential to be successful in love and in business. 
Yet, though destiny can point us in the right direction, we must still make all efforts to maintain loving relationships. Following is a brief description of how a Snake will affect a relationship with other Animal Signs.

Partners in love

Snake - Rat
You stand to learn a lot from each other.
Snake - Ox
You have a stable, loving relationship.
Snake - Tiger
Various differences will lead you apart down the road.
Snake - Rabbit
Intense and sensual, you have a lot to look forward to.
Snake - Dragon
You fit well together…you share flirtatious natures and zesty outlooks.
Snake - Snake
You are both intelligent, but too envious for a partnership.
Snake -  Horse
Outlook is doubtful…there is too much to fight about.
Snake - Sheep
You two make great friends and even better lovers.
Snake - Monkey
You can’t really trust each other, can you?
Snake - Rooster
Dynamic duo!
Snake - Dog
Love at first sight. Go for it!
Snake - Pig
Not enough in common to pursue.

East meets west

Aries  snake
This combination brings forth bravery and motivation. Snakes like to make money and are more apt to do so when trying to accomplish a reward. They are fairly open-minded with their money and make great stay-at-home parents.
Taurean snake
These Snakes remember everything for they have quite a vivid memory. Don’t underestimate the capabilities of this Snake, for he will forge on until he gets what he wants.
Gemini snake
These Snakes can talk their way out of anything, so a confrontation with them is a lost cause. They are well-educated and a bit amenable, making them quite intriguing.
Cancerian snake
These Snake love to be recognized for their efforts. For them, working hard to provide for their family is first priority.
Leonine snake
Confident and proud, the Leonine Snake hates to come in second place. They fuel on kudos from others, but will become a bit obnoxious if it goes to their heads.
Virgo snake
These Snakes love to tell others what to do. They enjoy using their energies to run a successful organization and use their intelligence to improve their title and rank at work.
Libran snake
One of the most beautiful breeds of the Snake, Libran Snakes are graceful and kind. They are always being pursued by someone interested in them and fall deeply in love with the right partner.
Scorpio snake
These individuals have hidden emotions and feelings that rarely ever surface. They are quite guarded with their thoughts and opinions and do not upset easily.
Sagittarian snake
Born with great taste in everything, these Snakes are the classy and sophisticated of the breed. They enjoy cultural things and will find a partner who will share the same ideals.
Capricorn snake
These Snakes build their bank accounts through organisation and motivation. They can be seen as snobby, when in reality they are simply the quiet types.
Aquarian snake
Intelligent and open-minded, Aquarian Snakes like to have a partner to depend on. However, they hate to be tied down and need to have space.
Piscean snake
These Snakes are compassionate and sensitive to the needs of others. They take everything quite emotionally and when they fall in love, they are committed completely.