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May Horoscopes 2013

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Published: 23 May 2013      

So what do Mays stars have install for you? A new love or maybe a pay rise. You could get lucky and get both things.



This has been a major change time. You can be breathing a sigh of relief that you can finally slow down a little, and get your bearings. 2013 can be one of the most important years for you when it comes to changing direction, or manifesting an important dream.

For most it has already happened. But even if it hasn’t fully worked out, now is no time to give up. The pavement is being still being laid on a fresh road ahead.

May should provide more time to re-appraise and fortify situations. Consolidation is a keyword. Adopt a calm and practical approach, especially around finances.

Your finance ruler Venus has now entered your money house, but so has the planet of debt and expenditure in Mars. For the moment both have been battling frugal Saturn in your house of debt. This is all about practical responsibility.


Torus_image.jpgThe creative Sun, your ruler Venus and pro-active Mars are all in your sign in this go-ahead month. When planets emphasize and empower your sign, it is a time of taking the initiative, rather than depend upon the assistance, or resources of others.

The ideas and communication planet Mercury will be joining the action after the 2nd, as it too enters Taurus. Different birth dates will experience different situations. Birthdays around the eclipse of May 10 are feeling the winds of change more than most, and can really set sails in new directions with these powerful planetary currents supporting fresh moves.

Those born around April 22 - 28 will be more concerned with the nature of relationships, and home. In some cases there may be a need to work within limitations or wear more responsibility than usual. Property changes and renovations are favoured here as well.


gemini_image.jpgUnderlying every brilliant performance, be it artistic or sporting, you will find prior practice and preparation. Behind every long shot winning, there is the reality that they always had it in them anyway. And the greatest one-liners have more often than not been rehearsed beforehand.

This is your time of preparing the way. Don’t worry if sometimes you think it’s ‘groundhog day’ in May, the rehearsal will be well worth it. The Gemini May horoscope is asking you to find some time for yourself, and that may be a necessity.

You may be busy finishing up the details on something, or madly trying to get something together in time. A word of advice, slow down and breathe occasionally too. Haste can make waste you know. Don’t be tripping over yourself in the process. Important,  worry will achieve nothing, except to make things harder. Whatever will be, will be.

The later stages of May, especially around the 18th and 23rd will see the power of attraction working for you, as magnetic Venus joins with your sign ruler Mercury, and then buoyant Jupiter. It certainly helps having the planet of futuristic planning, Optimus Maximus, empowering your sign. There can be financial and personal rewards that flow from this.


cancer_image.jpgThe planets are still riding high in your solar chart, which can place high expectations around you. For most Cancerian’s the opening part of the year should have encouraged growth on a professional and/or educational level. But more recently this could also have coincided with challenges in trying to balance work demands, with your personal life.

If so, best to clearly communicate situations with others, so that they are fully aware of your responsibilities and current priorities. Communications with close ones is easier on all levels around the 2nd and 7th. This period also suits important appointments or negotiations that really get to the heart of the matter. The Sun, Mercury and Venus moving through earthy Taurus, melds well with your water nature. Water and earth represent positive growth, nurturance and creativity. Friends can be a huge support now, and you may even find some old pals getting back in touch at the right time.


leo_image.jpgMay is a high achievement month, which the July born Leos would have picked up on right from that last week of April. Competitive Mars is firing up your career zone. The fiery red planet is joined by fast thinking Mercury between the 7th and 9th, making the early part of the month ideal for pushing forward fast on more ambitions plans.

This forthright combination is great for directly getting your message across, but also advises to choose words carefully. It also suits getting places in a hurry, but hopefully not at the risk of running red lights. Cerebral Mercury’s union with your ruler the Sun around May 12 can represent breakthrough ideas, connections or negotiations.

Right at the beginning of the month impatient Mars opposes brick wall Saturn and here it may feel that you have to put the handbrake on something for the sake of surety or stability. It’s wise to remember that judgmental Saturn is impacting on your objectives. You succeed best by utilising patience and discrimination, haste can make waste, when it comes to lasting results.


virgo_image.jpgMaking plans, dreaming big, acting with confidence that is almost brashness. This is not usually on the discriminating Virgo behavioural menu, but May is no ordinary month!

What is important now is ‘not to get too bogged in the details’, but instead look at the much more revealing, big picture. You may have been sitting on a minefield of potential without realizing it.

The energizing Sun, pro-active Mars, ideas planet Mercury, along with gratifying Venus are all spotlighting your house of higher potential. You can be moving on from past restrictions, and eyeing a whole new future here. The first week should enable you to take giant steps toward your objectives. Even if your overall life is not changing so dramatically, a significant part of it is. If you’ve been asleep to something in the past, the awakening is happening now.


libra_image.jpgThe solar and lunar eclipses of May are spotlighting your support bases. How much can you call on resources, both material and personal when you most need them? What financial security have you built for yourself, and who is there for you? The universe usually asks the questions before it incites the answers. There is a sense of renewal happening in these areas of your life.

The personal planets are moving through the house of rebirthing. Something is metaphorically dying to make way for something new. Of course these things are happening all the time, it’s just that you notice change a lot more now, and it has greater effect. Look at situations that you may have reached a crossroads on, as these need to be negotiated now.

On a personal basis relationships will either strengthen through greater commitment, or divide through a lack of it. You’re more likely to see situations in black and white, and its helpful to do that now. One thing to be careful of is to be giving out a lot more than you’re getting back. If other people are too demanding, let them know that it’s a two way street.


scorpio_image.jpgThe Solar Eclipse of May the 10th is highlighting your relationship zone and especially relevant for the mid November born. Eclipses supply a sense of renewal, a need to fast track necessary change, and can act as an initiating impulse.

There can be a sense of rejuvenation around associations, as well as the potential of new and important connections to be made. May has the potential to be your strongest relationship month this year. Eclipses occur when the North Node, a point the ancients considered equated to life’s lessons is moving through your sign. The lesson here is one of co-dependencies, of over-reliance on others, ort allowing others to dictate terms.


sagittarius_image.jpgSociety would have you modelled on their values, but your distinctive contribution is more valuable than that. If you’ve overlook your unique talents, or buried your individualism for the sake of the easy life, May can help you set the record straight. That’s because life is more about following your dream, than trading it. The eclipse cycle is highlighting your difference, and where it works for you.

Take note of dreams, intuitive hunches, and recurring feelings, as they are telling you something important about yourself. Something is surfacing that you may have denied because it meant walking a different and risky road.

But now is the time to face that fear of the unknown, and have faith in your inner guides. The expressive Sun, cerebral Mercury and hospitable Venus are taking you out of mainstream. Finding your own space again will give you time to reflect and work effectively behind the scenes. You are also in a cycle of natural conclusions, so endings now are ultimately leading into fresh ventures and directions. This is the ideal time for laying the groundwork for new projects or planting fresh seeds.


capricorn_image.jpgGelato-logy sounds like the study of ice-cream. It’s not - but it’s just as pleasurable. It’s the study of laughter, along with its physical and psychological effects on the body. Yes indeed some scientists take laughter quite seriously. Laughter has a curative effect on heart disease, pain management and even skin allergies. It has been compared to deep meditation in its effectiveness for stress release and rebalancing.

What laughter does is bring you immediately into the moment, it’s such a spontaneous reaction. Victor Hugo said it best when he wrote, laughter is the sun that drives winter from the human face’. Like love, it is infectious, and we can always do with more. Why this is so important to you during May? The inner planets are aligning in your house of pleasures and enjoyment. Not surprisingly this is also your house of ‘creative self-expression’.


aquarius_image.jpgThe May eclipse cycle is moving through the foundation area of your solar scope. This can accompany changes to your inner life, family or domestic situations. The united energies of the Sun. Mercury, Venus and Mars are spotlighting the home and hearth zone, ideal for making changes to your living conditions, or dealing with property matters.

If you’re looking at buying and selling real estate, May should coincide with increased opportunities. On a lesser level you can be thinking of renovation, or perhaps moving to an area more suited to your work or lifestyle. Ideas planet Mercury, and decorative Venus also combine well with active Mars for those wishing to try do-it-yourself home improvements.

Family connections can also be playing a more prominent role. As well as suiting the home change energies, the initiatory influence of the Solar Eclipse between the 9th and 11th supports family planning. On the emotional level there is an increased need to associate with those who you feel offer a genuine sense of kinship and trust. This may result in old friends reappearing on the scene.


pisces_image.jpgIt’s a common belief that it’s not what you know, it’s ‘who’ you know. To some extent that is true, in that contacts help you get your foot in the door. But if you don’t actually know anything, then that door quickly becomes a revolving one that quickly says exit. Bill Gates or Steve Jobs didn’t get rich by just knowing people. The real truth lies closer to ‘what you know and who else knows that you know’.

Communication, and/or commuting, is vitally important now, and throughout early May. Touching base with people, getting the message out there and advertising your skills are part of the package. The other is your ability to pick up information fast, and learn on the job proficiency. Also bringing your experience, or skill set, to a particular situation. This is applicable in both professional and personal settings.

With the information area of your solar scope currently enlivened, you may be doing some extra study, attending some think tanks, or more involved in negotiating or sales. There may be more intermediate travel attached to this, or if working from home or office, increased time around the keyboard. The Solar Eclipse energies between the 9th and 11th assist with the breakthrough information or contacts that you require.