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March Horoscopes

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Published: 11 Mar 2013      

March is the month of the beginning of spring. The spring equinox happens on March 20 this year and this is the time when the tilt of the Earth’s axis is not away from nor towards the Sun. Equinox is a passage and March is the passage from cold and gloom to spring and growth.

Here are this months horoscopes:


This March, the couple Venus-Mars (affection-sexuality) will awaken your senses and your imagination. It'll be a period of erotic fantasies, secret wishes and forbidden love stories. Financially, there are optimistic signals. March  will be generous as regards the money that will come by means of chance, by secret procedures or by means of some discrete supporters and will favour serious, long-term investments.



March  will be a cheerful month, with a lot of friendly reunions and going out, which could be as many opportunities to have fun together or to possibly meet your half, if you haven't found them yet. It'll be an excellent period for meeting new people and for establishing work relationships with trustworthy and skilful people, who are at the same time nice to have around. 



Relationships and career will still remain your top priorities, the areas in which you have the biggest needs and the highest expectations. From the relational point of view, the tendency will be of getting closer, of identifying yourself with the other one, of sharing. You want the person next to you to understand and support you, to let their affection surround you. You'll long for love, but you'd rather it came to you, instead of you having to go towards it.



There will be weeks of understanding, harmony and synchronization, excellent not only for sentimental manifestations, but also for solving some issues that regard the couple's problems and future. Business trips, collaboration with the people at a distance, tourist or import-export activities will be encouraged.




At the surface level, everything seems to develop normally: home, friends, entertainment and other similar aspects. At the deeper level, questions, worries, secrets, taboos will boil. Sometimes feelings will be very intense, and tendencies will be extreme, radical. March will unfold in a well-defined financial climate.

There will be a genuine preoccupation with investments, acquisitions, loans, payments, recuperations, with coming to possession, inheritance, obtaining funds, etc.



stress will be laid on collaboration and team work. Don't set your mind to working on your own, because in March 2013 it won't be the case! It is important now that you form a union with the others, that you mobilize them in order to build something together, exchange advice, coach them, etc. In your turn, you need them to support and to approve of your decisions.



In the first part of March  you'll probably be too busy with other things to be able to concentrate significantly on relationships. It'll be all right, you'll catch up completely after the date of 12th.  From March 12th  the passionate Mars, the ruler of wishes and of conquering enthusiasm, will enter Libra's house of couples. 

In spite of all the craziness, the presence of the Sun and of Venus in your house of work promises satisfaction. You'll probably work on something you'll like or in an environment you'll like, and your work will definitely be appreciated as it deserves. From this point of view,    the third week of March  seems to be the most fruitful and satisfactory.



It'll be a period in which you can fall in love easily or in which you can discover unimagined dimensions of sensuality, a period equally appropriate for starting a relationship as well as for re-launching the existing one. The re-birth of an older relationship is not excluded. You'll probably have to overcome an obstacle. At the best, you'll have a very busy month, with many tight deadlines and possibly marked by an incident or a professional conflict. 



In March, Sagittarius people will need a lot of affection and sharing, and will feel the need to discover themselves and to discover the world by the side of somebody dear. It's possible that, by the end of March 2013, the issues related to the career will develop more slowly or will be marked by incidents. The family will be there for you, though, supporting you morally and even materially, when needed.



There will be a lot of discussions around love, a lot will be written on this issue, or maybe it'll be the time of love declarations and notes. You'll feel the fragrance of spring, you'll feel like living life to the fullest and enjoying action. Time has come for you to make decisions, to have initiatives and have procedures started. You'll take action, interfere, build. You'll have ideas, and you'll also have the power to put them into practice.



Neither Venus, the planet of love, nor the Sun, the ruler of Aquarius' house of couples, will be in a position to cherish love. Both of them will be in your house of money, which seems to mean that in March your attitude will be rather pragmatic than romantic. The second part of March  will bring important decisions, will boost initiatives and action, and most probably, certain changes or novelty. However, it foreshadows to be rather stressful and it will have considerable conflicting potential.



You'll emanate charm and elegance, you'll radiate strength and self-confidence, draw attention upon yourself, charm by your looks, seduce by your words. If you think appropriate to put a spell on a poor victim at your choice, they don't stand a chance to escape: they will simply give in to your charm before they even realise it.