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June Horoscopes

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Published: 5 Jun 2013      

With the warm weather here and the temperatures slowly rising, what  do the stars have in store for you this month. Will your temperatures rise in more ways than one? 


aries_image.jpgPlato was the genius who wrote that human behaviour flows from three main sources, desire, emotion and knowledge. The first two are the essential drivers. You need the desire to get things happening, and the emotional force to follow through. But without the ‘know how’ you can still come up empty. June is about putting information at your fingertips, and also putting feeling into words.

The current planetary emphasis is one of ‘brain food’, and it’s perfect for new courses, interests or studies. But it also relates to how you actually ‘connect’ with others. You can even learn from people who rub you the wrong way, as they present a communication challenge. You can develop some new techniques to master this


Torus_image.jpgYou are experiencing a veritable wagon train of planets moving through first quadrant of your solar scope and providing a powerful momentum for self development The astral themes for June revolve around responsible resource and financial management.

The expressive Sun activates your assets and money zone. It’s a time to build on new initiatives and strengthen what you already have. Over the last year the planet of abundance, Jupiter, has also been highlighting the areas of material growth and wealth in your solar scope. It may have opened some new business or financial opportunities.


gemini_image.jpgAs the energy source of the solar system, the blazing Sun, returns to the sign of Gemini it generates a creative rebirthing for you. Your personal birthday stems from an ancient astrological tradition, and it's highly significant in more ways than one. Keep in mind that overall this is a month of much greater personal initiative, although individual Gemini’s will utilise 'the force' differently.

In you love life, Saturn has taught you how important rules and limits are, even in your romantic life. When you draw a sharp line, your partner will respect you. If they cannot accept your limits, they do not deserve you. This has become crystal clear for you now, Gemini. It's as if a huge rock is being lifted from your romantic life and you're finally clear about whether you want to commit or quit. Of course, this doesn't mean you'll be completely free from any doubts of flip-flopping while committed, this is just part and parcel of your dual nature, Gemini. The difference is that you're willing to roll up your sleeves and put in the hard work to make the relationship successful.

‘Happy Birthday Gemini’s ‘


cancer_image.jpgIf things haven’t been going the way you planned of late, there’s a universal reason behind that, but it’s about to change in a major manner. Throughout much of last month the planets were emphasising areas of your life concerned with release, finalisations and seclusion. That’s a time when you can get caught up in circumstances beyond your control. It forced you to be more reactive than pro-active.

Delays, obstructions, endings, and perhaps even health concerns may all play a role. It's a good time to apply the serenity prayer, which advises to accept the things you cannot change, develop the courage to change the things you can, and cultivate the wisdom to know the difference. You are never powerless, it's more a matter of changing perspective and strategy. This is a wonderful time to use your potent unconscious mind and learn to let go of fears. You can really turn things around now. Good things lie ahead.


leo_image.jpgJune has a dual feel about it. Your ruler, the energising Sun, is moving through your house of friends, and great expectations. On the outer level you may thrive in group environments, and be getting in touch with old pals, as well as discovering new supportive associates. This kind of influence has been strong from the latter part of May and the New Moon of the 9th can be a catalyst for all of this. This is also a period where you are either rewarded for an achievement, or find supporters for your cause. 

But just as this period can bring people out of the woodwork for you, you may also be dealing with some very private matters. For the majority of June Venus, governing affections, is moving through your hideaway house of secrets and seclusion. There are several ways this can play out. As soon as you’re out of the crowd you can find that you actually relish your own space. You may be keeping your cards close to your chest around a relationship.


virgo_image.jpgJune may be a culmination and crowning moment for all the effort you’ve expended leading into this month. The planets have been spotlighting the command centre of your chart, and you will have noticed the positive results wherever you have taken more responsibility and control. People in positions of authority may also help out here. Judicial Jupiter, also the planet of optimistic opportunity, will soon be leaving your house of status, but still has a role to play in June.

This is one of the most powerful periods for making significant directional changes in your life. The New Moon of the 9th is supporting fresh starts and encouraging people to look at you in a new light. The keyword is accountability and being able to take charge. In a work sense this can also see changes at the management levels, or with the responsibilities of your own role. In the public view you may be making some important positional changes.


libra_image.jpgThe planets are moving across the top of your solar chart during June. This highlights your public life and the roles you play in a career sense, along with higher study courses or more ambitious projects. The expressive Sun is now in the house of your higher potential, assisting any self-improvement strategies. It’s a time of positive visions and keeping your eye on the big picture. In Your love life the law of karma brought many painful lessons home and you're ready for a return to love.

If you experienced crazy amounts of insecurity over the past year, you can also bid that farewell. Enough of the tears and heartbreak from giving too much to people who could not return your sweetness and light. Now that you're clear about boundaries and refuse to lose yourself in co-dependent patterns, you can get on with establishing the kind of relationship that is healthy instead of detrimental to your health. You were born under the sign of marriage and companionship for a reason, you're simply happier living life in tandem with another. If you're already hitched, you'll no longer tolerate being taken for granted on any scale. This is the year of renewal and realising your value, and there is no better arena to put these lessons into practice than in love relationships.


scorpio_image.jpgThe solar emphasis for June lies in the areas of joint finances, investments, insurance and loans. This is a month for balancing the books and learning how to use credit and money management to your advantage. You may have greater access to another’s resources, bank loans, or legacies that allow you to achieve what you couldn’t possibly do alone. Relationships can move to another level, providing you both share identical values. You feel the strength of bonding, and how unity is strength. On the other side of this coin cracks will become evident in friendships or alliances, who do not share the same core beliefs.

How well you both negotiate these differences could decide the future of the affiliation. Vulnerabilities can be more easily revealed now. In the positive sense it allows you to see situations in black and white. Strong relationships will grow through challenge, whereas inappropriate ones may crash on the rocks of reality.


sagittarius_image.jpgThe majority of planets have now risen into the upper half of your solar scope where extraversion replaces introversion. Not that you’re exactly backward in coming forward. But now you’re even less so. However, there is an important strategy for a successful June. It’s not about self-projection. The planets are also emphasizing the hemisphere of your solar scope concerned with other people. It’s about relationship and co-operation and the effects of others upon you.

How you integrate and relate with those around you determines your current progress. This is not exactly new territory. For the last year, your ruling planet Jupiter has emphasized affiliates and how you learn through different individuals. There has been interplay of ideas and education. It’s a positive boost for writers, publishers, spiritual teachers and those riding a self-improvement wave.


capricorn_image.jpgJune is the month to be extra attentive to your work. Aim for perfection, don’t settle for less. Sounds demanding? You don’t have to literally get there, although there are times when you will be delighted with what you have achieved. Pushing yourself is really only going to bring the best out, and that’s what’s needed now. You are inadvertently selling yourself and the buyer wants a quality product. Keep the performer’s mantra in mind, prior preparation prevents poor presentation.

This month the expressive Sun is highlighting a more judgmental area of your chart. That’s one reason why it’s best to leave little to chance. This can also take the form of changing work routines and responsibilities. If you’ve been working on something for the last few months, now is the time to bring it before the public. You will be encouraged by new contacts and a willingness to connect.


aquarius_image.jpgFor the majority of June the energising Sun activates the house of pleasure, self-expression and inspired ingenuity in your chart. Train at what you enjoy, develop your artistic or creative abilities, learn to play with life.  Childlike innocence helps us believe in the impossible,  it encourages us to live the dream. It can be a wonderfully romantic place to be. The strategy is to remove the adult roadblocks that obstruct your creative self. Passionate and motivating Mars, also in your house of fun and sports, will help you act on the impulse, promote greater spontaneity and improve your energy levels.

Responsible Saturn can often mean passing a test, or bring initial delays to promotions or advancement. If you’ve been experiencing some of that patience is essential. There may also be a change to your scheduling or itinerary that will eventually work to your favour.


pisces_image.jpgWhat comes to mind here is home security, any deep family ties and your profound sense of belonging. Over the last year bountiful Jupiter has been transiting this area. It should have brought some gain, or improvement through property, or strengthening of family ties. This is an ongoing influence as pro-active Mars is now also energizing the same home and domestic arena.

This helps with home improvement projects or getting busier around the house. You are building on something here, and there may be a connection to what’s happening now, and what was beginning around your birthday. The movement of your solar partnership ruler Mercury and the planet of attraction, Venus, into your house of romance is positive for developing relationships.