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Hugh Jackman superstar, sex god and he even sings

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Published: 10 Jan 2013      

Yes he’s hot, he sings and he can pull off sideburns. Let’s face it girls and sorry boys, Hugh Jackman is a man of many talents. Yes he’s and international film star, X-Men superhero and Aussie Hunk.

But before Hollywood came knocking at his door, he was also an all singing all dancing, award winning Broadway star, girls we could ask if a man could get any better? It’s this side of Hugh we are all about to get to know a whole lot better, as he flaunts an impressive set of pipes in this months lavish big screen version of Les Miserables.

After that, yes he’s switching back into action as an X-Man, with the spine off The Wolverine and then trying his hand at comedy with Emma Stone in Movie 43. Sorry girls but he lives inSydneywith his two children and his wife of 16 years, Deborra Lee Furness, yes boys he got lucky, he even managed to win her over despite having a mullet…..

Hugh was recently asked in an interview for Style, if his wife liked the side burns, he said,” when I met her, I was working on a prison TV series and had a mullet, so anything else would probably be an improvement.”

Hugh was also asked what it was like being ranked the sexiest man alive, he said “it’s a little surprising the attention it gets. After that the level of paparazzi following me around doubled. Though, sadly it didn’t get me the attention I was hoping for at home…..” 

Hugh also admits to being a hopeless romantic and a big believer in the element of surprise. When he proposed to his wife, he set up a breakfast table in the middle of the Royal Botanical gardens inMelbourneat sunrise. He was going to ask her when they sat down but he was to nervous to wait and he asked her straight away. So boys you can be a super star and still get nervous as there is always a fear she’s going to say no.

So Hugh started his career in musical theatre, so for him Les Miserables, is the perfect chance to show us all that he can do more than be a super hero. Les Miserables is out on January 11th  and a must see.

Sorry boys but his talents don’t just stop at being and actor/singer/super hero, need I go on, he is also one of the men behind livelaughingman.com along with Barry Steingard and David Steingard.

Hugh is a co-founder and intimately involved withLaughingMan.When he’s inNew Yorkhe visits frequently to discuss the business or just to say “hi” and enjoy a flat white. When he’s not in town the founders exchange emails and calls on all aspects of the growth and future ofLaughingMan.His participation and insight is what helps this to be such a personal and passionate endeavour.

It was Hugh’s visit toEthiopiaand his friendship with Dukale, a local coffee farmer, that inspired their efforts atLaughingMan.He has a hands-on involvement, collaboration, with a thoughtful insight into the issues Laughing Man is hoping to address, which are invaluable. Hugh’s genuine interest and hope for humanity are a source of great strength and belief. The motto "ALL BE HAPPY." is very dear to him.

The product selection is guided by one principle: respect. Respect for the farmer, respect for the land, respect for the bean and respect for the community. There are many different certifications that embody the principle of respect. The most well known include Fair Trade, Organic, Rainforest Alliance, UTZ, Bird Friendly, Shade Grown, Direct Trade and Relationship Coffee. There are also many uncertified coffees that are also grown respectfully. Laughing Man only offers coffees that respect the farmer. Their goal is 100% transparency between the farm and the cup.

Laughing Man Worldwide gives 100% of its profits to charity by incubating companies and products that believe in the ALL BE HAPPY vision. Starting with Laughing Man Coffee and Tea they decided to give away half of the company to Laughing Man Worldwide so that when they work, we work for ALL BE HAPPY. Laughing Man Worldwide believes education is the essential foundation for ensuring a peaceful, healthy and prosperous worldwide community. They support innovative and effective educational initiatives both in theUSAand worldwide.

So super hero, star, singer, world sexiest man and fair-trade, what will Hugh do next, I cant wait to see.