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Horoscopes for January 2013

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Published: 9 Jan 2013      

Well we have a new year and a fresh start for us all. For some it is new beggings and others they find there perfect parners. New jobs, new homes, holidays and much more in store.


Opening up to support and inspiration is No.1 on the list for this January. This is a time to go over your plans and evaluate how things have been over the past few months. Now you entering a time when you can remove what’s not working and get to grips on what is. Ideas can be like tiny seeds at this point and between now and your birthday you’re gathering ideas from all manner of places. The new Moon and Venus attract helpful people early in the month. Try to remain flexible and don’t feel you have to nail things down just yet. While you might have to make do with less money, you will be rich in energy. 


You will be able to negotiate your way out of a tight spot this month, if you accept that certain things are out of your control. Struggling to keep everything just the way it was, is a complete waste of your time and energy. Trying something new could be the answer you are seeking and that could be something as simple as learning to relax, or as ambitious as planning the trip of a lifetime. challenges this January involve unreliable people and those who can’t seem to stick to a decision. It would be easy to get sucked in, but if you step back you’ll see a far more interesting horizon.


Other people’s help and encouragement influence your life this January. There are some surprising twists and turns in your love life, but you will not feel disappointed, so don’t stress. Things may be a little frustrating at first, but it is an excellent time to take stock of your life. On the 19th the Sun and your ruler, Mercury, enter clever Aquarius and you’re off on your travels towards a phase rich in inventive ideas, mad solutions and personal charisma. Between the 19th and the 27th you can enjoy lively friendships with flirty frissons and quick-fire inspiration. Please make a note of your ideas and don’t flit off and forget these valuable gems. By the end of February you’ll be in a position to take that relationship to the next level and use some of those sparkly ideas to help the two of you formulate longer-term plans for the year ahead.


You should be feeling the support of Saturn in Scorpio and also the Moon.  All you need to do is take a look and move forward at your own pace. Part of this slow, yet revitalising, process means listening to those who love you and those who’ve been part of your life for a long time. The new Moon on 11th January makes this very clear to you. It is a moment when you look back over the last few months and see how things are unfolding. It is important to hold your nerve and not start fretting about finances.


Your astrological new year began last summer, when the Sun was in Leo. So although it’s the calendar new year, you’re almost half way through a personal journey at this time. If you’re feeling a little lacklustre, take heart. There’s something to celebrate this month, either for yourself or for someone close to you. Between the 21st and 27th there should be moments when you feel more like your old self. You need to feel good, and be ready to create a positive impression as you never know who you might meet.


Whether you’re looking for love, or you’re already in a settled relationship, your connections with others are on your mind. This is a promising time for singles, particularly if you’re looking for a serious, long-term relationship. Spicing up an existing partnership should go well, too. Events continue to be connected with the past, but you’ll glimpse new possibilities or meet new people towards the end of the month. Jupiter finally turns forward on 30th January, opening the way for more travel and fewer distractions in February. Meantime, keep in touch with friends in far away places. Some exciting news or opportunities may arise through them this spring. 


A flurry of meetings, events and surprises temporarily distract you in early January. Your focus is on work and once you settle into the first month of the year, you realise there are things closer to your heart that need your attention too. You thought about this some months ago, but maybe it’s been hard to make decisions with so much else going on around you. If you can, make those decisions now, as by the time the Sun and Mercury move into airy Aquarius on the 19th you’ll be entering a more creative and even romantic phase and are liable to delay things again until March. Which might not be one of your best ideas. If you can get chores and tasks out of the way, you can revel in all the exciting snap, crackle and pop of late January with a clear conscience. There should be a merry twinkle in your eye by then too.


You’re blessed with amazing willpower and determination. So have faith in yourself and know that, in time, you can achieve your goals. If you feel less than enthusiastic right now, blame Saturn in your sign. But although this stern planet can be tough and uncompromising, it can also strengthen and refine your spirit. So try to let go of anger and frustration and focus instead on your fantastic creativity. For some of you, a love affair will deepen. For others, it reveals the lasting value of true friendship. What happens around the time of the full Moon on the 27th signals a new direction for you to explore, emotionally, spiritually, or through learning new skills. This is unlikely to be a glamorous time for you, but it can be a time of lasting treasures.


Changes and developments in your home trigger all sorts of thoughts in your mind this month. There could be opportunities for new activities, new friendships, or even inspiration for a new routine. It could be a bit disruptive, but as the old saying goes ‘a change is as good as a rest’ and many of you are longing for change, you just don’t know what shape it will take, yet. Make the most, of the revitalising surprises and inspirations that are coming your way in the second half of January. During the week leading up to the fiery full Moon (27th) lively people, fascinating books, or even a tv documentary could set you off on a new year quest. Keep an open mind, and don’t reject possibilities or opportunities out of hand. What seems quirky or unusual could be exactly what you need to investigate. 


Have you ever thought about how your connections and friendships have influenced your life? If not, this month’s thoughts and events offer you one or two intriguing examples. A chance meeting, a quick decision to visit a certain place or contact someone you haven’t seen in ages, that is the kind of thing that can eventually lead on to love, new working contacts, or a new direction. It may not be exactly a bed of roses, but you have many more admirers than you may realise. So if you’re concerned about a family member, or feeling less-than-thrilled by your current home, don’t be afraid to ask for the expert advice or emotional support you need. People who care about you will be delighted to help you. Why not let them?


2013 begins with the energy planet, Mars, in your sign. You’re eager for action and it is action you shall have. Just remember that certain responsibilities and commitments are not going to go away. It is better to make a few level-headed compromises and avoid wasting energy in stupid battles. Your friendships and relationships need attention and if you get it right you’ll enjoy some wonderful moments of humour, shared pleasures and inspiration. If you dig your heels in and say, ‘my way or the highway’, you may find yourself feeling a bit lonely by the time of that feisty full Moon in Leo on the 27th.


Your intuition tells you that much is going on behind the scenes. You pick up on others’ hidden agendas with ease, but don’t let that make you feel paranoid. This is a time when some quiet moments of reflection will pay huge dividends for you. You’re on the edge of a new birthday year this month, the perfect time to sift through your dreams and feelings and give some thought to the year ahead. Astrologically, this begins in February. Loyal friends and workmates are there for you too, ready to show you that how you see yourself  and how others see you  can be two different things. If someone in authority upsets you, take it in your stride and have confidence in the knowledge that you’ll soon have the energy and vision you need to make life more fulfilling. Meanwhile, feed your spirit and take things one step at a time.