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Horoscopes for April

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Published: 8 Apr 2013      

April seems to be the month for love and partnerships, whether in love or work. Good or bad, always think before you leep with the rose tinted glasses on.


You've been trying to gain control of things, but doing so in March proved difficult. Now, in April you get your chance. While you might have been preparing strategy and plans behind closed doors and refining details, the hard part was that discussions of others were going on behind closed doors without including you, and those discussions were having a direct influence on your life daily life.  This seems to have given you lots of responsibility but little control over managing those responsibilities.

Passion is almighty. Under the joined urge of Venus, Mars, Uranus and the Sun, located in Aries, April 2013 will be a hot month, full of life.  Venus encourages love and tenderness, Mars encourages lust and eroticism, Uranus brings surprise, and the Sun gives light, underlines, highlights everything.


You won't have a great start of the month. In the first two weeks of April you might experience unpleasant things or frustrations, disappointments, interdictions, failures. More or less serious, depending on the natal predispositions and on the expectations of the moment. Sometimes you might get the impression that your efforts are in vain, that your partner doesn't give you enough attention, and that they are drifting away.

For some Taurus people, it's possible that it won't be about misunderstandings or expectations that haven't been met, but the partner might go through a difficult period, of hardships or disease. For others, the problem of an ardent, but secret or forbidden passion could be posed.


Venus, the ruler of Gemini's relationships, wants you to socialise a lot, and socialisation will create favourable circumstances not only to having fun, but also to love. Group initiatives could also be auspicious sentimentally speaking: a joint project, the activities within an association or foundation, etc.  Although the first part of April  will be more dynamic, the rest of the month will not be much less either. With the ruler of your house of couples, Jupiter, in Gemini, the couple will acquire special importance for a longer period of time.

Even though you don't benefit from Venus' support any more, the good relationship between Jupiter and Mercury (Gemini's ruler) is a guarantee that things are heading towards the right direction.  Moreover, Jupiter will lend you optimism, trust, desire for adventure and, a very important fact, it will amplify your sexual drive.


Located in Cancer's affective-relational houses, Saturn and Pluto will aim at the same standards: they still long for perfection and they seem to be as unwilling to make compromises as before. Therefore, you might have a rather rigid attitude or deal with a short-sighted partner.

One way or another, you are not comfortable with the relationship you have, or you'll find it rather hard to build a new relationship in case you don't have one already. You'd like something deeper, more commitment, more responsibility. Your chance is by the side of somebody of the same nature as you, with the same demands.


All throughout the month, the Sun (Leo's ruler) will be conjunct with Venus (the planet of love) and with Mars (the planet of desire). This configuration has a clear, unambiguous message: April will be a month of passion. Venus will enhance your personal charm and the power of seducing considerably while Mars amplifies the sexual magnetism and supports the conquering enthusiasm. You'll be full of sex-appeal with a devastating effect! If you happen to have a crush on somebody, it'll now be the time to go for it.

The circumstances with sentimental potential will occur more often, offers will keep coming, and love can happen when you least expect it to.  The couple life could be related to trips or distances, maybe to the cultural or spiritual environment and even to career.


You'll be motivated by the same need for romanticism and by the same powerful instinct-based drive that often manages to amaze your reason. You'll feel the same curiosity to decipher the mysteries of sexuality and the same urge to be accompanied by somebody worth of admiration, with special qualities, recognised at a social level. The same dreams, the same demands...

In the second part of April  you'll have a much more relaxed attitude. The universe will open up and you'll be able to explore it together with the dear one.  It's not excluded that you'll take a sentimental trip nor that you'll have an affair with somebody at a distance.


Hold on, as you're in for an unusual period!  In the first part of April, in Libra's house of couples will meet Uranus, Mars, the Sun and Venus.  Uranus has already been spicing up your relational life for the past year. It's an agent of novelty, of changes, of experiments and surprise. Uranus can express itself both positively and negatively. Uranus reacts intensely when it's stimulated by the fast planets, and now it is stimulated by three planets all at the same time: the passionate, fierce and active Mars, the loving and seducing Venus and the bright Sun, which highlights everything.

This configuration will most definitely generate significant events. Let's hope they will be pleasant (passionate love stories, fabulous romantic episodes, etc.), although one should not ignore the fact that too much energy gathering makes things go crazy sometimes.


Almost all the energy coming from passion will be invested in work. Or at the workplace, or for somebody from work (or from school, depending on the situation). Somehow, duty and the affective relationship will go hand in hand. Together with your partner you might commit to some laborious activity, or it could be about assigning responsibilities, or about your partner supporting you in carrying out your duties.

Anyway, the emotional availability will boost, and the sentimental opportunities can appear at any time. Even more so in the last decanate, because on April 20th the Sun and Mars will enter Scorpio's house of couples, full of enthusiasm and passion.


At the sentimental level, Sagittarius will be one of the most favoured signs in April. The stars will join each other in helping you find love.  The capacity to get involved sentimentally will be unlimited, the power of sexuality will reach the top, you'll feel insatiable thirst for adventure and you'll end up being in the most appropriate circumstances of a gallant nature.

Beware though, because the tendency to take risks will be rather marked, and imprudence can cost you a great deal! If love comes upon you, take a deep breath, get ready and assess the situation to see how far you can afford to go.


You and your partner might be preoccupied with issues that are strictly related to the accommodation (moving, redecorating, renting, purchasing a durable good or maybe even a place to live), you might also want to invest in a piece of land or simply be busy with organizing a family event or with having guests.  Another option is the one in which parents have special roles, an important say or interference of any kind in your relational life.

Mainly, however, the couple will need privacy. Even if the activity is intense, things will mostly take place in the private space. Sensuality will start enhancing after April 15th 2013, and after the 20th of April it'll reach the highest levels of the whole year. Your attention will no longer go to the relationship as partnership, but to the responsibility-free relationship which gives birth to erotic joys. It'll be the period of conquering, of falling in love and of the intensification of the sexual life.


With Jupiter in Aquarius' house of love, the sentimental future looks promising for another three months. You'd better take full advantage of this generous interval characterized by romantic enthusiasm and sexual drive. Jupiter will bring along opportunities. Don't let them get wasted away, as starting July fate will not be as generous as this.

April  will be a month of encounters and communication. It'll abound with conversations, e-mails, text messages and other kinds of notes, more or less electronic, with sentimental innuendoes or referring to relationships.  There will be trips to be taken, either together or trips taking you to the dear one. Encounters will take place, some of them previously arranged, others completely unexpected. Everything will be moving. Shared intellectual interests, courses, conferences will be meant to get people closer to each other.


Mercury's transit through the sign of Pisces will bring the other one closer to you, either physically, or mentally. You might fall in love, or spend more time with the partner, or the partner might need you more than ever, or you'll feel the need to share everything with the person by your side, to have common initiatives, joint activities.

On the other hand, Venus and Mars located in Taurus will prioritize the practical interests ahead of the romantic ones. "What can we do?", "What do you think is better?", "Where?", "When?" will occur much more often during conversations than "You're so beautiful!" or "I love you so much!".  Financial preoccupations will be a characteristic of April  and the couple life will not escape their influence. You'll calculate, build financial strategies, consider investing or purchasing something important and talk about it, act together in this direction.