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The Big 40 Is It All Downhill Now?

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Published: 12 Apr 2013      

The big 40. Is it all downhill now? Or can we have influence and control? Forty plus is it really mid-life crisis, menopause, osteoporosis, impending retirement, pensions, enough money, not enough money and degeneration from here onwards? 

Not necessarily.

clara_internal.jpgOur minds and the way we think, define our experience of our world and what is possible. The way we think, whether we are glass half full or glass half empty people, also has a major impact on our health, happiness and effectiveness through the resulting bio-chemical changes that occur within our bodies.  

Depending on how we eat, exercise and think also has great impact on how we age. It is at this point where the exciting possibilities arise. Just because we have had predominant patterns of thinking, reacting, eating and exercising, does not mean that we cannot change now and transform our lives from here on.

So deciding to take yourself in hand and get to grips with your habits of thinking, what and when you eat, and how you exercise is vital to influence the aging process and the pleasure you experience in your every moment.

The important thing to understand is that enhancing and maximising your health, happiness and effectiveness is a 3 pronged process. In this article the focus is on the importance of becoming aware of the patterns of thinking and taking action that you currently run in relation to events, food and exercise. Unless you become aware of your current patterns, you will not be able to make lasting change and the old triggers will continue to throw you off course.

Core to every aspect of your life is how you think, feel, react and the action that you take. For example, your diet requires you to have habits of thinking and taking action that enhance you rather than punish you.  So many women have swung through their adult years, from crash diet to crash diet, focussing on reducing calories rather than on the nutrients, fibre and hydration that they put in their body. Falling off track and on to comfort eating frequently has them increasing weight pound by pound through their years.  Starvation followed by feast.

In order to develop patterns of thinking, feeling and taking action, to get to the weight that is healthy for you, your habits of thinking are the fundamental place to start. Becoming aware of how you relate to and use food will help you on to an even, consistent course to good health, good weight and effectiveness.  

So take action today, get a note book and begin a journal about your daily events, personal and work, how you thought, felt and reacted to them and how and what you ate in relation to those events. Also, how you felt after you had eaten/drunk and the impact on your energy, effectiveness and mood.

Do this for a month or two so that you can get to see the patterns you run.

In our next issue we will be covering the core basics of eating your way to good health.

Clara Gibson, Women’s life health and wellbeing coach at www.drastictofantastic.com – women’s health, hormones and habits of thinking.

M.Sc, ACC ICF, Master Pract NLP, RGN, RHV.