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Our Beliefs and Our Thinking Are Shaped In Childhood

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Published: 8 May 2013      

Do you know what you truly want in life and want to achieve? At 40 plus now is the time to decide and then  to achieve it with some structured but simple changes in your thinking. 


Our habits of thinking and our beliefs are shaped from our earliest years. 

From infancy we learn to respond to people in ways that they are happy to have us respond. As we grow up we learn to conform, to get the exams, to get the job, to be independent. Our wildest dreams get shrunk and what we achieve is shaped into what ‘fits in’.

This shaping process has an impact on our ability to achieve and succeed in various ways in our lives, we might indeed become successful business men and women, but elsewhere in our lives we might struggle with getting fit, or losing weight, or being creative, or setting up our own business, or having the relationship of our dreams. The beliefs we created all those years ago are still driving our behaviour and our thinking, which in turn influence what we can achieve.

The reason that we may struggle to achieve in various areas of our lives is because of the beliefs we have created and or taken on board which create a disharmony between what we really want and what we believe is possible. Very frequently, it is most likely that these old beliefs are of such long-standing that we are no longer conscious that we have them, yet they continue to keep knocking us off course, knocking us off-track, keeping you from achieving in certain areas of your life.

This disharmony can have profound negative impact on your health, happiness and effectiveness.

Learning to get back in touch with what you want and the belief that you can achieve it, requires work on the patterns of thinking that you run. If you consider how vibrant and alive you feel when you are doing something fun and new, if that is different to how you might feel on your average day, then it is time you took yourself to task.

On May the 21st at 7.30pm – you have the chance to do just that – at ‘Transform Your Life’ at the Hilton Maidstone Hotel.  This two hour workshop with me will introduce you to 7 strategies that can help you to achieve, become happier and healthier. 

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