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Chocolate Chestnut Yule Log

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Published: 5 Dec 2012      

20 minutes

This is a sophisticated version of a chocolate Yule log and this cake is flavoured with brandy and filled with a mixture of fresh cream and chestnut puree.



100 grams                     Golden Icing Sugar

4                                  Eggs    

75 grams                       Plain White Flour          

25 grams                       Cocoa Powder


Additional Ingredients:

2 tbsp                           Brandy, for the Filling    

150 ml                         Double Cream Filling     

100 grams                     Chestnut Puree, for the filling     

75 grams                       Golden Caster Sugar (Butter cream)       

4 tbsp                           Water (Butter cream)     

2                                  Eggs Yolks, (Butter cream)        

100 grams                     Butter (Butter cream)     

50 grams                       chocolate melted, for the (Butter cream)


How to make Chocolate Chestnut Yule Log

  • Preheat the oven to 210˚C/fan 190°C/Gas Mark 7.
  • Brush a 22.5 x 32.5cm/ 9 x 13 inch Swiss roll tin with a little oil and line with greaseproof paper.
  • Cut a second piece of greaseproof paper a little larger than the tin and sprinkle with 2 tsp of the caster sugar. Set aside
  • Place the sugar and eggs in a large bowl and whisk until very pale and light, using an electric hand beater if possible, until the beaters leave a trail on the surface.
  • Sift together the flour and cocoa powder and gently fold into the egg mixture using a metal spoon.
  • Pour into the prepared tin, tilting it so that it covers the whole surface.
  • Bake for 7-9 minutes until firm yet springy to the touch.
  • Turn out the cooked sponge on to the sugar paper.
  • Peel away the lining paper and trim the edges.
  • Cover with a damp tea towel and cool completely
  • When cooled, sprinkle the sponge with the brandy.
  • Whip the cream until thick and stir in the chestnut puree.
  • Spread over the sponge and roll up from one long edge.


For the chocolate butter cream

  • place the sugar and water into a small pan and heat gently until the sugar dissolves.
  • Boil rapidly until syrupy.
  • Whisk the egg yolks together in bowl and continue whisking whilst adding the sugar syrup in a steady stream.
  • Whisky until the mixture becomes thick, pale and cool, leaving a trail on the surface.
  • Beat the butter in a separate bowl and gradually beat in the egg mixture until thick and fluffy.
  • Stir in the melted chocolate.
  • Slice a 7.5cm/3 inch piece from the Swiss roll. Use a little butter cream to attach this piece to the side of the log, to represent a branch.
  • Cover the log with the rest of the butter cream and use a skewer for fork to make a bark pattern.
  • Decorate with holly or a few small decorations


Tip: Make the log 2-3 days before Christmas and keep refrigerated.